Saturday, May 8, 2010


hye dude...:(..
de big title 4 dis entry s BLANK??y BLANK??
bcoz im really BLANK rite now..SPEECHLESS..huhhh...
i cant make my own decision..its killin me..!!
i dunnoe wut s de bes way dat i hve to do rite now..
i nver stop thinkin since last nite but i stil cant found de rite way..
wut s de ending of dis story???dis game??my life s jus a game??
owh no!!it cant be like so afraid..let say sumday everythin dat im thinkin rite now ll be reality..owhh god!!i hve 2 do sumthin..but wut??wut shud i do??i dunnoe..its too hard 4 me to make one can understand my one can help me even my own self..
huhhh..sumtyms i think dat im so stupid bcos i make ma life being so complicated..
but i cant turn back..dis s my own choice..*sigh*..


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a n a k m a m a..:)

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