Saturday, February 6, 2010

Story Of ma Life..

hye...2day is de fes day i become a blogger..hahahaa...wat a cute title' im a BLOGGER'..
hurmm..not too much i want to tell u about me..jus a lil bit..
fesly my name?my name s nur maisarah bt khairi hisham..
i was born in maran pahang but stay at lumut perak wit my parents,my sis n my lil brother.i am jus swit date of birth s 4 december 1990.

my feveret food s fast food..i luv mcd,pizza hut,KFC n chicken chop..spaghetti too..
my feverent drinks s watermelon juice.i am a very talkative gurl.i luv to n talk..
i am a very active gurl.i luv jungle tracking n all rough activity but i oso like switt rite.i am not single.i am taken by my hubby,muhammad afiq.
we have been together 4 two years n two month owredy.
i luv him so much..i cant describe it with words..bcos it s more than words n more than everything.

my previous school s SMK CONVENT SITIAWAN...wut a very best skool dat i ever had. i hv a lot of fren dat oweys support me n make me hepy.they oweys cheer me up n said 'enjoy ur day with smile n laugh' i luv my frens.they r very understanding person. they noe how 2 respect me as a fren n me too.. now i am studying at College of Nursing Kuala Terengganu.. dis s not wut i want but my dad said dis s a good oppurtunity 4 me.. hurmm yeahh maybe..:( b4 dis i am studying bisnes in Politeknik Seberang Perai,Penang. i luv 2 be bisneswoman..but my dad told me bisnes r full of risiko. n i cant be a bisneswoman becos i am a hot temper person. i cant be patience..owh dad,people can change.. but now it is too late..:( i jus go on with my carier rite now,it s NURSING.. huhuu...wut a bad life..:( dats all bout me...tq 4 reading...:)

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