Thursday, June 10, 2010

wut r u looking 4,BOY??????

hey..hey all.. s my bad day..really2 bad..
i hv to admit it..
one by one problems came into my life???why??? sara..its gonna be owkeyh..
gonna be owkeyh??owhh no..i dun think so...
its ll nver be owkeyh..NEVER!!!trust mee...
sumtyms im quite giveup wit my life..
maybe i gt a simple look but my life is very complicated...
i cant manage everythin by myself.....
my life s jus like a stupid game n im only d one player in dat game...
n wut s de bes part s i ll nver be a WINNER..yeahh..
wut shud i do???im oweys thinkin but i stil cant found d bes way to gt out from all of dis..
somebody plis help me...!!

jus now my xbf buzz me on my yahoo messanger..4 wut??
wut r looking for boy??
y u stil disturbin my life???y??
its over bitwin us...!!!
i stil rmembered dat u told me a few tyms ago dat u cant face me..
so,jus turn around k...
y u stil lookin 4 nuthin....
im hepy wit my new life now..
wit my hubby dats oweys b by my side...
im hepy wit my frens at my college dat oweys support me..
im hepy now but u..u r not..!!!
u never changes...u r jus de same guys like 3 years ago..
u r NOTHING...i hate u damn much SAIFUL SHAZNI(BOY)
so plis stay away from me...!!
thers a alot of BITCH out ther whos more suitable for u boy..!!!

i make a stupid decision when i choosed u to be my bf...
i admit dat im wrong...
everythin bout u r FAKE..!!
de way u luv me...
de way u smile at me..
de way u care bout me..
de way u mis me..
de way u hold my hand n said dat u love me..
everything r FAKE!!!u r liar...!!!
dat s de truth...n i am too stupid bcos trust u..
i let u go bcos thers no point to go on wit u..
n u agree wit me..
then y u come back into my life???
for wut???
plis begging u..let me free...i nid freedom..
bcos no 2nd chance for u..NEVER..!!!!!

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