Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how much i love u syg..:)

if you asked me how much I love you.
God, where do I begin?
You are the reason I wake each morning.
And the reason I dream each night.
I can't breathe without whispering your name.
Or close my eyes without seeing your face.
When we are apart my body aches for you.
When we are together I long to please you.
When I laugh, when I cry, when I daydream....
Its all done with you in mind.
I know I have known you not just in this life,
but in many lives before.
Because I have more love in my heart for you,
than a person can gather in just one lifetime.
Without you I could not walk the earth.
For you are the reason I exist.
You are my whole heart as well as my soul.
Without your love I would be empty.
So you see, you are my everything, my life.
Thats how much I love you.


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like! (",)

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a n a k m a m a..:)

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