Tuesday, May 25, 2010

im sory noen..:(

today i felt so uncomfortble..i dunnoe y..
im totally out of mood..i mis my lil bro n i mis my hubby so muchhh..i mis my miow2 too...owhh angeli n oneng..huhuuu...
owkeyhh..i am srius now..:/..
i owredt told everythin bout me at stafnurse kang..n she gave me some advised..
she asked me to be patient..everyone gt a big prob wit their family..
but i think my prob s very very very big than another person...i cant settle it anymre..
n de bes words dat i can says s IM QUIT!!!...i was tired wit my own life..i was not de same girl dat ran here n ther 10 years ago..hahaa..mis dat moments a lot..:)~
today i LOST..i dunnoe wut i wan to be..i dunnoe wut de ending of ma life..happy o sad endings???
i dunnoe wut wil come into my life tomorrow tomorrow n tomorrow...i dunnoe everything..i jus noe dat i am stil a lil gurl dat stil dunnoe how to manage my own life..i cant stand by my own legs..yeahhh...dat s de truth...:(
i admit dat i hve a lot of fren dat oweys make me hepy n cheer me up when im looking sad..
but not everytym they can be by my side..
n i admit dat i hve a lover dat oweys support me..
gave me some spirits when im lost..
but i stil rmember wut noen told me las week..

'sara,smpai ble ko nk brgntung pd org laen??'

yeahhh..dats true noen...i hve to do everythin by my own...
im too stupid if oweys ask u to cheer me up..
i noe dat u oso want ur own space..without me...:(
i am so sory noen..
i promise wont do dat anymre...
let me handle everythin..without u...
even im crying,let me be alone..i ll try....yes i ll....:)~
maybe sumday..

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