Monday, May 24, 2010

no one..

hurmm..dis s wut i felt rite now...
thers no one luv me anymre...even my frens,my parents n anyone else..
am i make sumthin wrong??i dun think so...i dunnoe..confused wit my own life..
huhhh..i jus wan to be like them..
hepy wit everyone..her frens..her family..her boyfie..
yeahhh i admit dat im hapy wit my boyfie but wut about my parents n my family??haaa?? goin crazy wit all of life s so complicated..even my own self oso dunnoe how to control it..y??y all of dis happened to me??am i wrong??am i a bad girl??yeahh maybe..very very very bad..hurmmm...:(..

maybe i am so arrogant..
i tot i can handle everything by myself...
but i cant..
i cant stand anymre..
im so weak..:(
now im alone..thers no one stand by my side..
wut a sad endings of my life...:(

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a n a k m a m a..:)

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