Saturday, May 1, 2010

sara r u owkeyh???

Nope.....i'm not owkeyhh..
i'm not good..i'm not fine..i'm out of mood...
i'm a loser..i'm not lying..i jus told u de truth..
i'm de most stupid person in dis world..yeahh i realised dat..
i was tryin again n again..but i failed...

i'm getting sick wit all of dis..
i dunnoe wut shud i du anymore..
everythin seems like not good 4 me..
i can feel dat yesterday s better than today...
i cant control myself anymore..

i hate dis feelings..everyone make me feel bad..
i am alone..thers no one be by my side..
wut a bad life!!
dis s totally so weak..
i'm sickk!!
no one can understand me..
. ____________________.

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a n a k m a m a..:)

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